Washington (Khurram Shahzad): In the run-up to the November presidential election in the United States, the Pakistani-American Press Association PAPA held a panel discussion on the role of Muslims living in the United States.

Republican leader and Muslim American for Trump chairman Sajid Tarar and Democrat leader Dr. Anwar Masood spoke at the conference. Addressing the participants, Muslim Voice for Trump chief and Republican leader Sajid Tarar said that President Trump has fulfilled his promises to the people and wants to see President Trump again for the rule of law in the country. He spoke in support of President Trump’s immigration policy, saying “the United States is a country of immigrants and Republicans have always supported immigrants.”

He said that these are the policies of the Republican Party due to which a large number of immigrants are living a prosperous life in the United States today. Democratic Party leader Dr. Anwar Masood blamed President Donald Trump for the deaths caused by the coronavirus and said that President Trump has no policy regarding the coronavirus. Corona spread rapidly as beaches opened in Florida and California.

“It’s not a China virus, it’s a dangerous virus,” he said. The United States has the capacity to deal with the virus. He said President Trump’s policies hurt the US economy and increased immigration problems, leaving large numbers of people unemployed. He assured the participants that if the Democratic candidate Joe Biden won the election, the deteriorating economic situation in the United States would be rectified.
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The United States the presidential election is taking place on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Its the 59th presidential election. There are about 3.4 Million Muslims & about 500 Thousand Pakistani Americans in the United States.

The number of members of the Electoral College in each state of the United States is determined by the proportion of its population, while the total number of electors is 538. Any candidate needs the support of 270 or more voters out of 538 to claim victory.

The more states the presidential candidate wins, the more his electoral votes bring him closer to the White House. One of the highlights of this election is that it will be the first US presidential election in which Americans born after the 9/11 attacks will now be able to vote will be eligible

The Pakistani American Press Association is the largest representative body of Pakistani journalists in the United States, whose members are serving in all fifty states of the United States of America.

This is one of a series of events that the Pakistani American Press Association is holding to mobilize communities during the election 2020 season in the United States of America.