Google’s recruiter asked Amazon employees that were involved in activism at their company to come work at Google.

The irony of the whole situation was that Google is also in the middle of a crackdown on labor activism and they also work with oil companies just the way Amazon does.

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“Hey Amazonions! I recognise your courage and bravery to speak out about climate change.

I believe your passion can truly change the world,” wrote Jason Lin, a UX recruiter at Google.

“Check out some of the ways Google is actively working to battle climate change below! I’d love to connect with you and talk about how you could take advantage of our 20% time!”

The 20% time is being referred to the hours of the day that the search engine giants’ employees spend pursuing their own projects.

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Around 350 Amazon employees violated their employer’s communication policy after they were threatened to be fired by the company for speaking up for climate activism.

The recruiter’s generous offer to hire these employees is quite ironic considering Google has been firing their own activists.

According to Motherboard, the Google recruiter was not informed that their company employees were advocating the same climate change policy as demanded by Amazon workers.

With 2000 employees demanding that the search engine giant ends its association with oil and gas companies.

A spokesperson for search engine giant told Motherboard that it was unaware of the recruiter’s LinkedIn post and that the recruiter had been acting on his own and later the post had been removed.