Why are doctors beaten up?


    Doctors, in Pakistan , are beaten up frequently in hospitals. It is a regrettable and heart rendering spectacle because a patient badly needs the immediate access to a hospital and the timely treatment. Both the things really guarantee his life. However, their absence costs his life. In return, the hospital at once turns into a theater of a war for both doctors and relatives of the patient. It is then followed by TV screen videos that are fully flooded with tragic incidents.

    I feel rankled at heart working as a doctor in a foreign country because it is a regrettable fact that the behavior of people, lack of proper health facilities and possible first Aids are contributory factors.

    As a matter of fact , doctors fail to show their proclivities due to lack of effective facilities and large number of patients pouring out in hospitals . Thus, savage people, as a mob, rush at the doctors and beat them up mercilessly.

    To save the precious life of a patient emergency assumed great proportions in the new modern world. Emergency medicines are the most efficacious way of saving human lives in the most critical conditions. It not only prepares the doctors to make faster decisions but also provides them opportunities to cure the patients through effective use of treatment at different level. It, therefore, contains different medicines, blood tests and easy access to the results of other tests. In addition, there are other factors that play crucial role in saving the lives of the patients.

    Having served many years in Germany, I wish if Pakistan has such facilities like those of Germany to save as many lives as possible. There is no denying the fact that Emergency medicines have emerged as an important branch producing encouraging results in recent times.

    In conclusion I beseech PM Pakistan and other Federal, and Provincial ministers to heed my wake-up call in order to create the sense of awareness in Pakistani doctors through the patronage of foreign doctors in other foreign countries. Thus, doctors might well escape beating.