The final debate between United States (US) presidential nominees Donald Trump and Joe Biden did not bring good news for India as the US president described India as ‘filthy’.

The reference to India was made by Donald Trump during the second and final presidential debate.

Indian dreams of isolating Pakistan in the world have been buried as the friend of Indian PM Modi, Donald Trump has called India as ‘filthy’.
Earlier, the Indian media outlets had been mocked and ridiculed by the Twitter community of Pakistan for spreading fake stories about an imaginary civil war in Karachi.

The Indian media houses and various verified accounts had been found spreading completely baseless stories about a ‘civil war’ in Karachi by claiming gun battles and even bombings.

Interestingly, some reports were claiming clashes between military troops and police forces in the port city of Pakistan while quoting opinions of prominent Indian figures over the imaginery battlefields.

The Pakistani Twitter users gave befitting reactions to such reports which may have shocked the viewers of India media outlets in term of its credibility and verification of sources of reports.