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President Donald Trump points to an infographic during a press briefing with members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force on Saturday. Trump questioned China's reporting of its mortality rate.

The Trump administration’s latest action blacklisting 33 Chinese companies and firms on the allegation of pursuing military spy and surveillance technology and helping Beijing to crack down on Uyghur Muslims, was part of a plan already disclosed in the leaked contents from “Corona Big Book.”

The May 22 action is part of the American’s smear campaign against China leaked last month in the 57-page memorandum prepared for the US National Republican Senatorial Committee pertaining to the November 2020 presidential election.

“America should impose sanctions on China and treat China like the ‘pariah state’ as it is,” – says one-liner important leak in the “Corona Big Book” — the brainchild of Brett O’Donnell, a strategic advisor to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The Book, which has been in circulations since late last month, suggests that the Republicans will launch an aggressive messaging campaign to attack China for America’s Coronavirus crisis and to vow to make China pay for the Covid-19 pandemic.

As per “Corona Big Book” the Republicans are suggested to keep saying: “The Coronavirus is likely the result of an accidentally released by a Chinese research facility – decades of haphazard experimentation with viruses and negligence in biosafety.”

“And China fabricated a story about the Wuhan Seafood Market to cover it up.”

The scientists who analyzed the genome sequencing of the virus have outrightly rejected the Lab theory. Besides, there is little evidence that China fabricated a seafood market narrative since most of the first cases did have contact with the market.

The anti-China views echoing from the ruling Republican Party leadership further ossified by a bipartisan bill passed in Congress on May 15, urging President Trump to take a tougher stance against China’s crackdown on the Uyghur Muslim minority.

The multi-faced international policies of the US in different regions have already been out in the open and blacklisting Chinese companies is a fresh attempt to tarnish China’s reputation globally and this time using the Uyghur Muslim name.

“If we look at the case of Iran, there have been reports that the US-sponsored some violent protests against the Islamic regime in 2019,” said Dr. Zubair Ghauri, Islamabad-based writer, and geopolitical analyst. The US has been supporting different groups working against the Islamic regime in Iran since the 1979 revolutions.

Dr. Ghauri says, “There have been confirmed reports that the US is supporting different militant groups in the Middle East and particularly in Syria including ethnic Kurds fighting against the Turkish government, which is US’ Nato ally.”

There is a chance that this US action might support the separatists’ militant group Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM), which is an internationally designated terrorist organization, not the ordinary Uyghur Muslim.

Uyghurs are one of the major Muslim ethnic groups in China, besides Hui, Khalkhas, Kazak, and Uzbek. The majority of them are living in different southwestern provinces, but in Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia, and Qinghai their population is more than none-Muslims. The Chinese Muslim population is currently over 28.1 million, constituting 1.6 percent of the overall population of China – 16th in the world after Saudi Arabia.

But a small group within ethnic Uyghur, which initially had less than 100 members, got inspiration from the Taliban rule over Afghanistan, Juma Namangani’s separatist movement in Uzbekistan and Hizb-ut-Tahrir’s ideology of setting up Islamic Khilafah. It started a resistance movement against the Chinese government under the banner of the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement. However, it got prominence after 9/11 when the entire world decided to work jointly against terrorism.

Since its establishment, the ETIM established and maintained close ties with the Taliban, al-Qaida, and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU). And after the 9/11 incident and the subsequent fall of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, like other members of al-Qaeda and IMU, the ETIM members also entered the tribal region of Pakistan.

As Pakistan continues to play its frontline role in the war on terror, the Pakistan troops killed the ETIM founder Hasan Mahsum in October 2003 besides several Pakistani Taliban leaders, Uzbek militants head Juma Namangani and Tahir Yo’ldosh. Since then ETIM is led by Abdul Haq, a close associate al-Qaida, and once a member of the international terror group’s advisory council.

With the support of western media, America has been campaigning against China since the Donald Trump election as president. The US has already decided to play tough on China for economic gains and passed several bills in Congress to put many sanctions on China.

“I don’t think the US administration and the US Senate have some problems with human rights in China. All this seems to have economic and political aims,” Dr. Ghauri opined. “This is not about the Uyghur Muslims.”

This shows the hypocrisy of American policy. They have different policies in different regions. Muslims are currently facing persecution in India and particularly in Kashmir. What has the US done so far against India? Rohingya Muslims in Burma were tortured, killed, and even burnt alive in their houses and what the US has done against the Myanmar government? It could have passed laws to penalize them.

The US cannot see the lynching of Muslims in India in the name of Cow Protection. Kashmiris are in the lockdown since the illegal removal of the special status of the state by the Delhi government on August 5 last year. The US human rights wings are sleeping on these issues.

Can’t they see, massive rallies in several major cities of India against the anti-Muslims Citizenship Amendment Act and National Registration of Citizens and the detention camp set up by right-wing ruling Bharatiya Janata Party in Assam?

But the western media only uses the word “concentration camps” and “Nazi concentration camps” in the southwestern provinces of China.

China, on the other, has called these centers as re-education camps where the Uyghur Muslims learn skills to add to the Chinese economy……..which apparently will take over the US as the leading economy of the world.