Pakistani singer Ali Zafar has appreciated the decision of Sindh government for a complete lockdown for the next three days amid coronavirus outbreak.

In a series of tweets the singer appreciated the decision of Sindh government and urged the multinational companies to make arrangements to provide food and beverages or cleansing products free of cost for the poor.

He wrote, “Sindh’s decision for a complete lockdown for next three days, in my opinion, is what is required.”

“Punjab will have to follow sooner or later,” he said and added that “Prevention is better than cure. We must do this NOW. Soft Curfew. #CoronaStopKaroNa #coronaPakistan #responsiblepakistan #softcurfew.”

He also shared the same tweet on his Instagram handle and wrote, “My views on what we must do immediately to fight the deathly Corona Virus and how to help each other. Empathy, compassion and care is what humanity should be made of especially in these times. #coronavirus #coronapakistan.”

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In a separate tweet, Ali Zafar said, “All corporate sponsors, multinationals who have earned billions from sales from the 6th most populous country in the world over years should make arrangements to provide eatable, drinkable or cleansing products free to the poor.”