These bargain fibre broadband deals are even cheaper if your mobile’s on Vodafone


    Fancy a free upgrade with your new broadband deal to some of the fastest fibre speeds around. Well with Vodafone’s latest promotion has you covered.Very simply, this is currently one of the UK’s very best broadband deals. Vodafone is currently offering its Superfast Fibre 2 package for the same price as its cheapest tariff – so that means rapid 63Mb internet for £23 a month.And that gets even cheaper still if you already have a Vodafone phone contract, as your bills will come down by a further £2 per month. It may not sound like much, but that’s a £35 back over the course of the contract. Something to bear in mind if you were thinking to buy a new iPhone 11 on Vodafone – for which you can register your interest here.With all of that in mind, you can now end your search and find Vodafone’s stellar broadband deal below. Or, if you’re still not convinced, let us ease the pains of your search with assistance from our guide to the best broadband deals.
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    Vodafone’s cheap fibre broadband deal in full: 
    There’s a bit of bad news if you’d heard rumour of Vodafone throwing in a free Amazon Echo Dot as well – that promotion has now come to an end.
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    While this is one of the best, affordable fibre broadband deals around, you can get even cheaper bills. You may not have heard of the ISP, but Onestream’s Jetstream Lite Fibre costs a mere £18.99 per month. You do have to pay a tenner upfront though, so it only works out a little bit cheaper than Vodafone’s offer.. Plus, this deal does also offer the lowest average fibre speeds on the market at 17Mb.While for those who want an added extra with their internet, BT could be the way to go. It costs £28.99 a month but comes with a £90 BT Reward Card on top of its faster 50Mb fibre speeds.Or, for the closest possible offer to this, TalkTalk could be the way to go. Offering similar speeds at a price of £23.50. We really like that it guarantees the price of your bills for the full 18 months of your contract.Read more:
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