A step towards positive Pakistan

 “O Dear Daughter! Go and tell the world that not a single bullet is fired here, this is now a peaceful place where schools and colleges are open”, said an old man when I was sitting on stairs in a market to restore my breath. I was looking for a new dress for a video recording on the occasion of Pakistan Day in a market when I encountered him. “Daughter! are you the same girl who has said in her video that  a seed only prevails if it is given equal harvest and there should not be two but one Pakistan?” he asked, “Yes, I am the same girl”, I replied. With joy he said, “You are doing a fantastic job, I suggest you to go to Waziristan. Army has restored peace there. Schools are open and even girls go to school”. I thanked him for the appreciation and decided to go to the Waziristan to make a video so that I can show the world.
As I returned home I told Mama what the old man had said, meanwhile, Prime Minister’s statement regarding creation of State of Medina popped up somewhere in my sub-conscious. I think now it is time to tell the world that we are endeavoring to raise Pakistan on the golden principles of State of Medina. God willing we would emerge as a magnificent country one day.
World has to accept that a lot more is changing in Pakistan. The way Pakistan army and nation has won the war against terror by giving sacrifices is unprecedented. This is manifestation of our bravery and valor.
America and other countries of the world should know that we want peace. In the wake of mischief of a neighboring country and escalation by the other, our slogan always remained restoration of peace. We say to them, come and let’s talk. We will address your legitimate complaints, but if you tried to make trouble then we will respond like an honorable nation.
With great values nations become great. Base of Islamic Civilization was laid upon the Truth.
We have a message to all those countries who are proud of their judicial systems that our God has ordered us to do justice. Indeed we have begun a journey towards justice in Pakistan. Our Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa has categorically stated to take actions against false witnesses. So,the truth is the destination of new Pakistan.
Education and Health is the basic right of citizens. Government has demonstrated the commitments to provide this right to every citizen. As far as I know, efforts are underway to introduce homogeneous education system in the country. I hope this will bring forth positive results. Similarly, the health card initiative of the government would also contribute in this regard.
State of Medina was a welfare state in which rights of every citizen was safeguarded. Likewise, Pakistan is also heading in this direction. This is the reason why Prime Minister has ordered establishment of shelter homes for homeless people who cannot afford two meals a day.
I had a chance to visit a shelter home. I was very satisfied after observing efficient system. Miserable people were provided with food and shelter without harming their ego.
External conspiracies and internal conflicts not only created economic crises and social inequality in our country but also caused immorality.I think immorality are directly related to economy. I have listened to the speeches of Finance Minister Asad Umer in which he states that numerous projects including CPEC will be initiated which would provide employment to the jobless people and will bring equality in the society. This will eradicate the tradition of suppressing the masses. As my father says, when people have jobs they become busy, therefore, immorality automatically uproots. Ethical values prosper only when economic needs are satisfied
A time came when the image of Pakistan was distorted in the world. Otherwise, we always remained on the center stage in world of sports. Even our Prime Minister won the cricket world cup back in 90s when he used to play cricket. Similarly, Pakistan produced many champions in the field of hockey, squash, wrestling and tennis.Hustle of PSL are indicative of Naya Pakistan. Countries who are proud of their advancement should give a look that how much we love sports and positive activities. I have faith that soon our cricket grounds will become crowded by international teams. One day we will lead the world in every sphere of life.
Recently, during my research for the documentaries I realized that we have got stunning tourist places in our country. It is soothing to observe that the government is giving due care to this industry. Tourism minister Atif Khan’s efforts are commendable in this regard. I hope that the roads after Abbotabad, which lead to the tallest peaks of the world would be reconstructed. With the development of roads new hotels and motels would be established which would contribute in making tourism industry vibrant.
Similarly, new E-Visa Scheme is a big Step towards Naya Pakistan.New visa regime introduced during the tenure of current Minister of State for Interior, Shehryar Afridi,is demonstration of the values of hospitality and generosity of this land. Citizens of 175 countries would be issued three months E-Visa within seven to ten days of their application. No doubt this initiative would attract foreign visitors, tourists and investors.
While writing description of strong and positive Pakistan in my diary I realized that the list of positive initiatives are endless. It is my strong faith that the leadership of my homeland is in the safe hands.