Social media is constantly being updated, so every one should be, too.

Top social media news stories 

1. Facebook launches new Pinterest like app.

Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team launched yet another new app called Hobbi. Hobbi works much like Pinterest, yet in some ways, it doesn’t. With Hobbi, you can add images of your interests and hobbies to boards (sound familiar?) to track your personal progress. As explained by the NPE team, “you can save photos of the projects you’re working on and the activities you love to do, whether it’s cooking, baking, DIY, arts & crafts, fitness or home decor. You can then organize your photos into visual collections in order to see the progress you’re making over time.” You can also create highlight videos of interests you’ve collected to share with your friends and families. 

2. Instagram adds a new appeal process for disabled accounts.

Users who’ve had their accounts disabled get another shot at redemption as Instagram launches a new appeal process to retrieve disabled accounts. This new process will allow users to request a review of the app’s decision to disable their accounts. To appeal for a review, you must enter your username, password, and state a reason why you think Instagram has made a mistake in disabling your account. The app then takes 24 hrs to respond. While this doesn’t guarantee that the account will be restored, it sure does give the users an easy way to get in touch with the app and track the review progress.

3. YouTube emerges as the winner in mobile streaming wars.

According to App Annie’s latest report, YouTube dominates 70% of the time spent by people watching content in the top five streaming apps. The report revealed that seven out of every 10 minutes were spent on YouTube worldwide on Android phones. Subscription-based streaming services like Netflix and Hotstar are further down the list. This comes as no surprise considering that YouTube is free and has a vast selection of local videos to watch from thus eliminating access barriers for users. 

4. WhatsApp reaches a whopping 2 billion users.

Last week, Facebook-owned WhatsApp hit 2 billion monthly active users. While the western regions are still heavy on using Messenger, WhatsApp has managed to capture the rest of the world. It’s taken two years for WhatsApp to grow half a billion users since 2018 were it stood at 1.5 billion users. Despite having a user base smaller than Facebook’s (2.5 billion), the platform is gaining traction and developing outside of the U.S. 

5. Snapchat looks to redesign their app to simplify in-app navigation.

Snapchatters can expect a redesigned version of the app as Snapchat is looking to add a navigation bar at the bottom. This navigation bar comes with five new sections to simplify in-app navigation. These five new sections will link to Snap Map, chat, the main camera, Community section, and the new Discover section. The new format is sure to improve Snapchat’s user-friendly design and make it easier for newcomers to navigate the app’s features.