Prime Minister Imran Khan has reiterated the government’s resolve to win fight against Coronavirus pandemic with the support of the nation.

Speaking in a telethon programme of a private TV Channel in connection with PM Corona Relief Fund in Islamabad this evening, he urged the nation to demonstrate unity in this critical time and defeat Coronavirus through faith and wisdom.

The Prime Minister said the incumbent government had announced a historic financial stimulus package worth eight billion dollars to deal with the adverse impact of the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

He said, although, 12 million poor families across Pakistan are registered with Ehsaas Programme, yet data of 80 percent labours in Pakistan is still missing.

Imran Khan said the government would maintain record of all the funds collected under Prime Minister’s COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund-2020, and would be spent on merit under transparent mechanism.

He said members of Corona Relief Tigers Force would visit door-to-door to identify the deserving families on district and village level.

Imran Khan assured that Corona Relief Tigers Force would be established purely on merit and transparency without any political influence.

He said prevailing Coronavirus situation is adversely affecting the labour class, and the government will utilize all available sources to provide relief to them.

The Prime Minister said a Facebook page of the Ehsaas Programme would link the charity givers with the receivers in order to ensure proper distribution of the charity, ration and other things. He requested people to start registering on the Facebook page of the Ehsaas Programme.

Imran Khan also urged the artists and celebrities to support government in collecting funds to support the poor families.

The Prime Minister warned that strict action would be taken against hoarders and profiteers, who would be found involve in exploiting the prevailing situation.