Pakistani American philanthropist/investor pledges 200 million dollars for Dam cause


    Khurram Shahzad (Washington): Pakistan is my motherland and America is my land of choice which gave me everything one can dream of. If my motherland calls me for a right cause, I will be the first person who will contributing into it. I am happy to say that, with the help of 25 other friends, we will be able to invest 200 million dollars into this project, said Tahir Javed , entrepreneur/philanthropist / investor while talking to Pakistani American Press Association (PAPA) in a round table discussion.

    Muhammad Tahir Javed, a Pakistani born American business magnate, is the president and founder of various businesses within the wholesale, FMCG, healthcare, agriculture and real estate industry. Tahir is a Punjab University graduate and moved to US in 1989.

    Mr. Tahir, who has raised money for Shoukat Khanum in the past, said that he believes that the dam cause is not a charitable act. If Government of Pakistan wants to engage us in this project then they have to setup a mechanism of investment because it is not a Shoukat Khanum hospital where people will be getting free medical treatment. It is a commercial venture and government will be making money out of it. If Pakistani Government shows us a road map, believe me, $200 millions is just a starting point, we can raise over billion dollars in US alone.

    While responding to a question on services for Pakistan, he said “I am working day and night on setting up Pakistani Caucus and, Alhamdulliah, we have over 44 congressmen in our portfolio, we are working with 6 more congressmen to bring them into Pakistani caucus. We will engage 100 Pakistani American youth with these congressmen/senators. We are also planning to send, at least, two congressional delegations to Pakistan within a year. It is just the beginning, we have many things in pipeline but we are taking it as “one thing at a time”.

    The mission of the caucus is twofold: (1) To facilitate dialogue between Pakistani Americans with their political representatives in Congress and (2) To improve and strengthen bilateral relations between Pakistan and the U.S., said Tahir Javed.

    In the past, Government of Pakistan has tried to lobby in Washington as the relationship between the U.S. and Pakistan deteriorates. In 2010, the Pakistani embassy paid $1.04 million to Siegel’s firm for work performed by six advocates, and another $60,000 to Cassidy Associates for the work of three advocates, according to the D.C.-based Center for Responsive Politics. “The embassy is the main player… as is most cases in Washington,” said one advocate who has worked on Pakistan-U.S. issues. Much of the advocacy is focused on specific legislation, such as aid-programs, he said.

    Tahir repeatedly mentioned that he is aligned with best interest of America and he thinks that America’s best interest is “prosper and safe Pakistan”.