PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz urged on Wednesday Prime Minister Imran Khan to speak to the relatives of the Baloch missing persons who had staged a protest at D-Chowk.

“You have been placed in the corridors of power,” she said in a message to the prime minister and his government. “It is your duty to listen to these people.”

Maryam said the government should inform relatives of the missing persons of their fate, adding that “victims are victims, they should not be associated with any province.”

She said the prime minister should come to the D-Chowk and talk to the protesters, saying that the missing persons commission held no value.

“You haven’t accepted any commission till date. A commission is of no use,” she said, describing it as ‘eyewash’. Maryam said if anyone has committed a crime, then there were courts in the country to deal with it in accordance with the judicial process.

“The state is responsible for the protection of its citizens,” she said, reiterating her stance that if a missing person is guilty of any crime, they should be tried in court.

When asked what she will do for the missing persons, Maryam said she could do nothing but listen to their grievances.

“They say a lot of things before coming into power. Later, compulsions come in the way,” said the PML-N leader, taking a jibe at the PTI government.

Maryam lamented that everyone in the country, from doctors to lady health workers, was on the streets demanding justice.