Former US Vice President and Democratic White House hopeful Joe Biden on Tuesday night took on incumbent President Donald Trump in the first debate and used the word “Inshallah”.

Apart from its original meaning of ‘If God wills it’, the phrase ‘Inshallah’ is also often used sarcastically by Muslims when they are talking about something that is unlikely to happen.

A video going around on social media of the debates showed President Donald Trump saying that he will soon release his tax returns filed with US authorities, when Joe Biden interjected with “Inshallah”.

“You will get to see it [tax return] and you will get to see it,” said the US president, when Joe Biden interjected saying: “When?…Inshallah”

Hours later, Asma Khalid, a correspondent for the US-based National Public Radio, said she contacted Joe Biden’s presidential campaign and they confirmed that he did say “Inshallah”.

Khalid also said that Biden’s team also confirmed to her that Biden did use “Inshallah” as an “appropriate sarcastic” remark.

“Yes, he did. I confirmed with his campaign – that is indeed what the man said,” tweeted Khalid.