Following President Donald Trumps’ defeat in the US Presidential Election 2020, bookies started wondering if his wife Melania Trump is planning to file for a divorce in a bid to humiliate him further.

Melania and Trump’s close confidants, however, informed the Washington Post that this might not happen any time soon — or not happen at all.

Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen, who is under home confinement for finishing out a felony federal sentence for tax fraud and campaign finance violations, believes that the couple is made for each other.

“I don’t think Melania leaves Donald. She’s very willingly complicit in his schemes and holds his beliefs as her own,” Cohen told Washington Post. “Those two deserve each other.”

Melania Trump takes the stage after her introduction by her husband, Donald Trump, at the Republican National Convention. — Reuters/Files
Moreover, despite Melania’s small inner circle, two people — who spoke on the condition of anonymity — told the Washington Post that she has shown no sign of leaving her husband, at least not any time soon.

“She believes her private life is no one’s business,” said one of the informants.

Similarly, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania’s former friend and aide who wrote the highly-critical book ‘Melania and Me,’ said that the couple would not split as they are remarkably in sync despite personality differences.

“It’s part of the show. She’s always been the quiet. He’s been the loud. She’s been the soft. He’s been the hard. They play off one another. It’s part of the relationship that makes it work.”

Read more: Melania Trump waiting for Donald Trump to leave office so she can divorce himWhen the Washington Post reached out to Melaina’s chief of staff Stephanie Grisham about the speculation of Trump and the first lady splitting up, she said: “This question is pathetic and exactly why people no longer trust the mainstream media. No legitimate journalist would ask this.”

A tough year

It has indeed been a hectic year for the first lady as her secret recordings with her former friend Wolkoff were leaked. The tape was recorded by Wolkoff after she left the White House.

Furthermore, Melania has also been busy with Trump’s election campaign and as her husband’s reelection effort entered the homestretch, she became more vocal in her support of the administration.

The first lady had delivered four-long-speeches during the tour of battleground states — more than her 2016 campaign activities.

During one of her speeches, the first lady criticised US President-elect Joe Biden as a “career politician” whose word could not be trusted.

“You deserve a president with proven results, not a career politician with empty words and broken promises.”

She also slammed Biden as a “socialist,” attacked the press as “propaganda” and railed against the “sham impeachment.” It was strong stuff, especially for a first lady who rarely gives interviews and has often signaled that she has more measured political views than her husband.

In a break with tradition, the first lady walked to her polling place in Palm Beach, Florida, without her husband to cast her vote.