The government today extended the ban on international flights further by a month till December 31, 2020. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) today announced ban on international flights will continue till the end of this year. The order, however, clarified that cargo flights and limited international flights under bubble arrangement will continue to operate. The DGCA order came after the home ministry did not allow international flights under unlockdown measures, where the government is slowly trying to reopen the country. Regular international flights, however, are among the few that have not been opened. This extension of ban is an indication that regular international flights would not begin so soon, as number of infections due to virus are rising across the globe. Due to rising number of infections, various countries are working to stop the spread of the virus through various means available, including partial lockdowns and may not want international flights to begin. India too is seeing a rise in number of infections and various states have gone into weekend lockdowns and night curfews to control the spread of virus. The central government, however, has clarified that states can not announce full lockdowns unless the centre approves so. India, in a move to reduce inconvenience to its people, have got into a bubble agreement to ensure flights with countries, where Indian diaspora has a significance presence. India also may not want to restart international flights immediately.