In a horrific incident, taking place on Monday, a Rawalpindi man killed four people including three sisters over a domestic issue.

According to the details, the event occurred in Dohk Kamal Deen area of Rawalpindi, where a woman, Eraj, who demanded a divorce after a love marriage was made the target of an alleged vindictive crime by husband’s brother. The brothers-in-law of Eraj rushed to her house and opened fire vehemently, thus killing three sisters and a brother of Eraj while she, too, sustained bullet injuries.

Eraj, in resistance to her family pressure, married a guy named Khurram and now as she demanded a divorce, her brother-in-law Ghulam Abbas rushed to her house and engaged in a spiteful exchange which ended with Abbas resorting to the blatant use of firearms. Abbas opened fire and allegedly killed Eraj’s sisters Hira, Nosheen, and Faiza, while her brother Ali Haider was also killed.

The police said it has sent the dead bodies to hospital for legal customs while the sister-in-law of the alleged murderer is being administered medical treatment for her injuries. Eraj, in her statement, alleged that her brother in law Ghulam Abbas, who was against the divorce, fired the gunshots that took lives of the four of her siblings.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Operations stated that the police has collected evidence from the scene and the case has been lodged against the suspects. He said the police is chasing the suspects and raiding their possible stations.