Don’t let the hope down

Imran Uncle! It was 5’o clock in the evening of 26th July; I was listening to the enthusiastic and wholehearted speech of yours on the news channel. Only senior analysts could have noted and understood the big things in it. Since I’m just a young patriot, what I have figured out would perhaps be just a tiny little thing for others, but for me, and for the over six billion children patriots in Pakistan, it is the big ‘hope’ you gave us.
I don’t know much about politics, but the little bit that I know is that politics is all about allegations. So sir, what I have observed is that you have shown us the path, the path of brightness and optimism. I started looking your life up, learned about PTI, and came to the conclusion; you have illustrated to us a slight ray of justice. I see that in Pakistan, and overseas, everywhere, your supporters are confident for the change.
In addition to giving us the hope, and lots of other things, another thing that you said in your speech, I’m not sure if anyone else noted it, but I did ponder about it a lot; was that you announced to forgive your opposition and the people who envy you, and I’m so happy. Just like me, it would have made millions of patriots satisfied. You instruct the young generation, the nation listens to you and follows. Pray tell the nation that they ought to learn forgiving too.
You said that you wanted Pakistan and India on good terms and poverty shall be eliminated, and the nation wants the same. Pakistan’s young generation wants governments to stop fighting and the current situation of the country to be improved, so people could get jobs, the financial situations could be improved so the Pakistanis could send their children to schools.
If this dream becomes true, the future of Pakistan would certainly be very bright and secure. The new generation wants their Pakistan to be corruption-free. No more hidden Even Fields would be tolerated, and we could walk with pride with the green badge along with us as we walk in the world.
Uncle! Until today, no decent jobs have been provided, no proper chance for education has ever been given, and the nation couldn’t even get clean drinking water. Please! The promises of change that you have made, don’t let them down like they always have been in the past governments.
Uncle! Government institutions for the rights of children in Pakistan are working without effective laws and monitoring, without even a proper complaint management system. Please establish laws in the constitution for the protection of children, so children workers in homes won’t be beaten to death, where the tools for fixing machines in the delicate little hands of children could be replaced with the power of pen and book, where the daughters of the nation like Malala Yousafzai of Swat, desperate for knowledge won’t be shot dead, where a young Zainab in Qasur going for studying the Holy Quran won’t be slaughtered against someone’s atrocity.
Pray establish laws in all four of the provinces.
Uncle! For the first time, you’ve given arise to a hope of change for the nation. Please don’t let this ray of hope be put out. Please, light more rays like this one so every single house of our homeland gets lit up.
Uswae Zainab
The writer is 8th grade student based in Pakistan. She is passionate about reading and writing. The views expressed here are personal