Coronavirus cure and prevention
Coronavirus cure and prevention

Coronavirus is a microbic virus that affects both human beings and animals. It creates respiratory problems for both of them. However, It is easy to understand that though the virus started in Chinese city Wuhan, yet It affected more than 5 Million approx. people worldwide.

It enters the man’s body from another body from the distance 2 to 10 meters because its germs keep hovering in the air. It enters the man’s body through eyes, nose, and mouth. Even cough and sneeze can spread the virus.

The affected person can transfer that disease to another person by shaking hands or even from his own hand, nose, and mouth. One must have to cover hands and eyes and nose because it goes to the other body through these parts.

What are the measures of Germany that are really commendable because there is less number of deaths in Germany than other parts of Europe but the danger is not over yet? Germany also followed a strategy that produced very positive repercussions: during lock town whatever the government advised people they complied with which the social distancing, wearing a mask, and spectacles were very important.

German peoples are well aware of the fact that they have the responsibility that in the public places and the workplace nobody is without a mask. During the virus, the number of people in Germany is less than the other European countries just like Spain and Italy.

Technology has proved this fact that skillful doctors are always at the forefront to save the lives of people. We can find good results from them. When this article is being written almost 700000 people have been affected by the virus.

The people who died from Corona have gone up to 7672 that figures are less than those of other countries in Europe because they are the lowest in Europe. However, the people who died from Corona are those people who came here from Spain and Italy because there is hardly any place to enter in the hospital their respective countries.

Hence, Germany prepared I million beds for the patients whose only thirty % is only used while 70% of beds are empty. And the German government is also softening the lockdown conditions in order to boost the economy there. They are also opening a business and also opening Schools with some precautions.

A virus is a disease which has really ensured the fact that people should also focus on antibody test in a country German government also share this fact that everybody undergoes to antibodies test so that one can know that virus.

I think that the government has gone into a population to check how much resistance the population possesses during the lockdown. Now, this thing is being ensured at the end of lockdown that every citizen abides by rules of a social distance and wearing masks,hand gloves because they have also a very difficult situation.

It goes without saying that the people of Germany have also proved themselves responsible citizens in such a crisis much better than its neighboring countries like Spain and Italy; they have also shown resilience and maturity during their crisis. As a Pakistani and Overseas doctor in Germany I want to give the message to my people in Pakistan that only three things are important to avoid coronavirus:

firstly, please cover up your mouth, face, and eyes while leaving home; secondly, use a mask for face or Turban as well as keep a 10-meter distance from one another in the bazaar ; thirdly, please keep the social distance. In short, please don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth without washing up their hands whenever you come at home do Wash your hands with soap so that they remain protected and also protect you from your dear ones.