Custodians wash classroom floors on July 9, 2020, at the Mildred Avenue K-8 School building in Boston’s Mattapan in preparation for the reopening of school.  | David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

All of Vox’s coverage on the complicated reopening of schools during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As back-to-school season approaches and the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage on, the debate surrounding whether or not to reopen US schools in the fall is heating up. Some are arguing that reopening schools is essential for economic recovery, for working parents, and for children’s learning, while others are worried about the safety risks when it comes to coronavirus transmission.

States and cities across the United States are handling the complicated decision in different ways. Some K-12 schools are not reopening at all in the fall, citing the surging coronavirus cases across the country, and sticking with virtual learning in order to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. Students and faculty at many American universities have also shared concerns about the dangers of returning to college campuses in the fall; some colleges have elected to stick with virtual learning for the fall semester while others are attempting to open up for in-person classes. And many school districts are exploring hybrid options that offer a combination of in-person and virtual learning.

Here you’ll find all of Vox’s coverage on how America’s schools are approaching reopening this fall amid the coronavirus pandemic.