Our law enforcement system is extremely flawed and needs to be dismantled and replaced with a system that doesn’t oppress its people. Here’s why.

Let’s begin with behind the scenes realities of the law enforcement system. In the United States, anyone can become a cop if they have a high school diploma/GED and go through 21 weeks of training. Furthermore, some states, such as Connecticut, bar high IQ scores to make sure their cops aren’t “too smart”. These can all be seen as red flags.

Why is it that a job that is made to protect citizens requires so little training and education, making it easily attainable? However, if this isn’t enough for you, let’s move on to the repercussions police face when they do violate the law. We live amongst a system where law enforcement officials have loopholes that allow them to avoid accountability, such as qualified immunity.

Qualified immunity is a doctrine in federal law that protects government officials from being held accountable for misconduct unless it can be proven that the government official has violated an established constitutional law. It can never be proven through because if someone were to sue a police officer, they would need to find a case that is similar to their own which makes it clear that misconduct was committed.

However, because everyone who’s ever tried to sue a police officer has failed due to qualified immunity, it’s impossible to prove that a violation even occurred. Therefore, there is little to no accountability which gives police officers the confidence to do whatever they please. This is extremely dangerous for the citizens these police officers are expected to “protect”.

Furthermore, law enforcement was created to protect the wealthy and victimize those in the working class. The system was never designed to protect working-class black Americans; it was created to oppress and victimize them. So why dismantle the system? Why not reform? Because it’s beyond saving and outdated. It was built off the basis of slavery and has left negative and generational effects on the black community through things such as mass incarceration, poverty, etc.

Now, I’d like to make it clear that although I believe the law enforcement system is defective, I’m not attacking individual police officers. I’m aware that every cop isn’t necessarily bad, however, every police officer works for a system that benefits off the oppression of black people. The cops who “haven’t done anything wrong” are still staying silent and therefore supporting a system that harms innocent black lives. Sadly, officers who do speak out against injustice tend to face repercussions.

The system that has been a root cause of black oppression in America cannot simply be “reformed”. It needs to be deconstructed and defunded.

Lastly, I’d like to address the South Asian community. Guys, we need to come together and support this movement. We all love black media and culture, but when it’s time to fight for the lives who bring us that media and culture, we disappear.

We are known to be colorists and to have put negative connotations on darker skin. These connotations and ideals are what is holding us back from defending our fellow minorities. There shouldn’t be an argument over basic human rights. Fight for change.