PPP local leaders along with 200 workers announced joining Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf at a meeting with PTI leader Liaquat Ali Jatoi in Johi town.

The former Sindh chief minister said at a press conference that he welcomed the PPP leader Rais Lal Khan Leghari, who was close friend and relative of special assistant to Sindh chief minister, Dr Bandah Ali Leghari, to the party fold and said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was real hero and sincere leader of nation and the country.

He said the PTI government would not budge from place through demonstrations and protests. People of Sindh, especially voters in Dadu, had voted for PTI candidates in large numbers in 2018 general election but when the results were announced PPP candidates were shown victorious from all polling stations, he said.

He said that millions of PTI voters in Dadu and Sindh were deeply concerned over neglect by the federal government and corrupt rulers of PPP were trying to change loyalties of PTI voters in Sindh.

He complained that Prime Minister Imran Khan appeared to have forgotten his voters in Dadu. About 300,000 people had exercised their votes for Imran Khan but regretfully no representative of federal government reached out to them during recent flood.

He said that hundreds of people had been rendered jobless but Sindh government was least concerned about them. The Sindh government had committed fraud with people of Johi taluka through Tapedars and revenue officials and extended them no real help during flood, he said.

He said that it was prime responsibility of the provincial government to control price hike of essential food items but the chief minister was blaming the prime minister for inflation.